Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Plans

Normally this is what I would do with my summer:

In an attempt to entertain children (who are we kidding, we just liked dressing up!) I would dress up all crazy at a summer camp that I had attended as a child. I love this camp, my heart still aches for the energy, the songs, the.....I am going to stop before I rationalize having a baby up in the woods.

It has been two summer since I have worked there. Camp took up the whole summer and so you didn't have to make any summer plans and you felt accomplished by using your summer dressing up like a unicorn (true story). After getting married, I decided I couldn't really work at camp without it being weird...So I decided to take summer courses at UW. Then the next summer I as a nanny so my days were filled with trips to Alki beach and trying to get over losing a baby. Wasn't a summer of "let's accomplish things!"

This summer is different though. I am back in my hometown which has awesome summer weather and is a fun little town. I want to make sure that I enjoy this summer. Currently the summer is revolving around when baby will come and it will certainly dictate how summer turns out, but I want to make sure that I feel accomplished with my summer (besides pushing a human out of my whoo-ha), even if it means pulling out that unicorn suit.....

So my summer list:

1.Have a baby (ok obvious one...)
2.Complete the prenatal water aerobics class I signed up for
3.Read a ton of books (book suggestions people...)
4.Visit camp often/oretend like they will let pregnant people work there
5.Celebrate Pioneer Day (it's a church holiday of sorts where we honor those that trekked across snowy lands to have religious freedom)
6.Perservere in breastfeeding (I have talked to my mom and she says the first two weeks suck which makes a lot of people thank you, or think that something is wrong with their milk production)
7. Paint some original artwork (I got this idea in my head for a piece of art and I am really excited about it especially since I can gift it to the hubby for our anniversary because it's gonna be sentimental)
8. Learn to send thank you cards (seriously I suck at this. Don't even ask about our wedding thank you cards which were all written and never delivered....)
9. Find a place to live in our soon to be new hometown of Spokane (main needs are a w/d and lots of natural lighting)
10. Keep in touch with friends and go out an enjoy this quaint, wierd town.


  1. I visited Spokane last year, so gorgeous! I envy Washingtonites (is that word?!). What a beautiful city! I wish you well in your summer list!

  2. Becca, FYI, it's Washingtonians.

    And Gina, give the breastfeeding thing 3 months. That's when it starts to get good. It was the advice that I got when O was a baby, and it's how we survived...and my sister's Pump in Style.