Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten Things Love List

I miss doing these lists. They really help me to see the happy things in my life that I sometimes gloss over because I love focusing on the hairy, yucky things.

1. Baby Shoes
Seriously is there anything more fun to look at than baby shoes? What is it about them that makes your heart go pitter patter? Is it the small proportions? The endless possibilities? The desire to dress babies like adults? I had been oggling this pair at a local bookstore for about 2 months and last week when I went in there was only one pair left. I knew I would regret for the rest of my life not having these.


Oh and then my mother-in-law pulled these beauties out of a bag of the hubby's baby stuff. Yes, those are knitted baby cowboy boots. I about died.


2. Husband's old baby blanket.
The blanket that both shoes are sitting on top of was handmade (same as the cowboy/girl boots) by Kyle's grandma. Actually the blanket might have been his great grandma. Either way I freaked out a little when I saw it because it is the baby blanket of my dreams. Plus it is gender neutral.

3. Prenatal Water Aerobics.
It is starting to get pretty toasty here and my favorite thing is to be in water (friends with pools please invite me over for a swim...) Thankfully my mom discovered a prenatal water aerobics class at a local athletic club. The cost isn't too high and I love moving around in the water. To be honest I used to think water aerobics was for wussies and that you couldn't get a work out. But these teachers know how to work your arms and legs and keep your prego body feeling good.

4. Painting.
So I actually accomplished one of my goals and I painted a picture for our anniversary/father's day. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it, but I felt so good getting it done. My mind has another idea for a painting and I am excited to try it out. I think that's where you have to start at least, just with an idea.

5. Pink toenails.
I always get pink toenails when either doing it myself or getting a pedicure. I don't know why but I just love looking down and seeing that happy bright color. Seriously, pink toes rock!

6. Seeing friends who live far away.
My good friend Kristin is on the west coast for a week and the hubs and I are making the trek to ensure that I see her. For some crazy reason she and her husband decided to move to DC (stupid schools) and I haven't seen her in what feels like forever. Although the visit will be short, I am very excited to see her at all!

7. Goodwill stores that carry Target no-sells.
Our local Goodwill gets all the leftover Target clothes and sells them super cheap. I was stoked to find a perfect postpartum dress for nursing and a super cute top all for ten dollars! I was a happy girl.

8. Otter pops/shaved ice.
I love flavored ice. I don't know what it is but even as a little kid sherbert was always my favorite kind of ice cream to get (shout out to rainbow sherbert at B&R!) Whenever my mouth gets dry I run to the freezer and start munching on some otter pops. Last week my little sister treated me to some shaved ice with her lemonade stand money (okay so I might have forced this a bit). I got strawberry colada and she got grapefruit. She didn't like her flavor so we ended up switching and to be honest grapefruit really wasn't that good, but I ate it anyway. So word to the wise, don't get grapefruit flavor.

9. Makeup samples.
My mom has a lot of makeup samples around the house and it is fun to try new products without the price commitment. I love that I found this shimmer tinted moisturizer from Clinique that gives me a summer glow.

10. Summer is officially here!
It is my favorite time of the year and it means that baby is going to be here soon! Each day is filled with nerves/anticipation/excitement/what the heck am I going to do? I think having a baby is going to be pretty rad and my goal is to laugh at myself as much as possible instead of getting frustrated.


  1. 1. Yes, baby shoes are cute, but also extremely unnecessary. You can buy some for my baby since we can't afford but the essentials.
    3. Doing anything in water is one of the best exercises you can do because you get the cardio, plus any movement is about 10 lbs of resistance, so you get some weight training too. Also, we have a pool. You can come over any time.
    5. Can you actually still see your toes??
    8. Strawberry coconut is my favorite shaved ice flavor ever.

  2. Oh I totally agree that baby shoes are pointless. I got these because they were super cheap and gender neutral so I could make all my kiddies wear them : ) I wish I could come over and swim. When are you coming over this way again? I miss my roomie.

  3. YAAAAAAAAA! See you tomorrow!

  4. We'll be back at Christmas time for a few weeks. I'm not flying with the babe in the belly, and that's the next big break Chris will have after she gets here.