Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 years and still learning...

At the end of this month I will have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 5 years.

It seems like such a short amount of time for all the growth that I have felt in my life. But still I feel like I have so much further to go.

I was thinking this week about the scriptures and about how I am continually struggling to grasp their many stories. I grew up with a general knowledge of Adam and Eve and Noah and some of the Savior's parables but that was as far as my knowledge went. I certainly didn't comprehend the stories for the lessons within.

Over the past five years I have gained access to more and more scripture stories and have gained the ability to actually study them versus just reading them. But I want to KNOW them. I want Max to ask me about Ruth or Captain Moroni and I want to be able to tell him all about God's servants and the examples they set.

So long story short I have decided to start now. Every day I have been choosing a story from the scriptures to tell to Max. He sits on my lap with those gorgeous navy eyes looking up at me and I tell him as much as I can about Noah and Nephi and Queen Esther.

There is always so much learning to take place and I am grateful that my Heavenly Father has placed in me a desire to learn and expand my knowledge. Not just for the sake of knowing but for the sake of understanding.

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  1. 5 years already?! I approve of your story-a-day idea. You are a good mom!