Monday, October 3, 2011


I like mornings. I love when the sun streams into your bedroom window and wakes you up.

Growing up, my room always welcomed the bright sun in the mornings. It would glow with the opportunity of a new day and sometimes I would just lay in bed for a few more minutes soaking up the warmth of my covers.

These mornings look a little bit different but I am abosolutely loving them. Max is a great night sleeper. He goes down around 8pm wakes up for a quick 4am feeding (in which I am usually half alseep or have some nice quiet reflection time) and then he wakes up at 6am when Papa gets up.

At 6am I pull him into bed with me since the threat of Kyle's rolling in his sleep is no longer a danger. I feed him there and then he falls back asleep for another hour. I sleep too.

Then he wakes up all cheerful and happy and he will lay there an coo while I read some morning blogs on my phone. Oh how I love mornings with him. We talk and play and I let him have some tummy time. I compliment him and call him nicknames like "Guapo," "Bubba," and "Little Man."

It's funny because a baby totally changes things. But all the changes are infinitely better.


  1. I absolutely love the pictures! He's such a cutie! Yes, being a parent is definately the best thing.

  2. Okay, no fair how cute you look in the morning.