Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things to Remember

Sometimes as mothers I think we have a general disposition to share EVERYTHING our baby does, has done, is doing right at this very moment. But honestly we share it because we want to remember all the precious memories. I know for myself I scare myself into thinking, "what if I forget this?" which when you think about it the memory will come when you need it but still, it's important to keep a recordo of all the precious wonderful things so here I go. Here are some little things/quirks about Max that I never want to forget.

1. He loves shoes. Not wearing them (I don't think he minds wearing them) but he likes our shoes. We are a kick 'em off when you walk in sort of family and so there is a big pile by the front door and countless times I find him crawling towards the pile ready to use his chompers. That's right. He likes to chew on them. I of course stop him when I see it happening because it's gross but it makes me laugh...I think he is part dog.
2. He also loves cords, especially electric cords to our keyboard, chargers, lamps, etc. He just likes pulling on them which results in things sometimes falling so really I just need to find a better solution to put everything...Once he even pulled down a floor lamp. Gave me quite a startle.
3. He loves music. Especially classical. Mostly he loves listening to Papa play on the guitar or piano.
4. He likes holding his own spoon when we feed him. Lately I have started to encourage him to feed himself more. This way we just remove the spoon from the equation and we get super messy!
5.He hates when you wipe his face. I swear this boy know how to smear his snot like no other. He is always balling up his fists and rubbing his nose and eyes which just spreads the snot everywhere but he wont let me clean him up. He hates it.
6.He likes to bite me to let me know he is done eating. I am not a big fan of this behavior and we are slowly working on it.
7. He prefers army and bear crawling to your typical hand/knee stuff. He will pull that out every so often but I think it's just not as much favorite.
8. He is a master explorer. This boy is so curious about the world and loves anything new. He loves crawling all around the apartment and physically touching everything and putting it in his mouth.
9. One of his favorite spots in the house is where Papa's guitar is set up. Right next to the guitar is one of those spring door stoppers. He crawls to that area all the time and flicks the door stopper which makes a cool vibrating noise and then whacks Papa's guitar. He just alternates back and forth which one to thwack and make sound with.
10. One of his favorite games to play with me is with my scarf. Basically I just billow it over him over and over and he tries to grab it from me. We both love it. I love it because of the great big baby smiles I get out of it : )

All in all my little man is starting to look like a little boy. He is musical, curious, and independent. He loves to laugh and loves attention just like his parents.

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