Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We love books

I wish the term "bookie" referred to an advocate of good books. I am a big reader. I think it started as a middle child when my older brothers would refuse to let me play legos, dungeon and dragons, or wizard world in the backyard. I got very good at playing by myself and also reading a lot of books. I think this started in motion my english major and currently a love for writing. Anyways we like to read in this household and Max is no exception. Obviously he can't read but here are a few things he can do with his books.
Stare at pictures and totally fool everyone into thinking you are reading.

Use the book as a tool to scoot about.

Use it for stretching out the lower back. This is also an appropriate time to screech in delight
Sit on the book.
Okay this picture is purely for melting the world's heart purposes.
How to get a kid to love reading? I honestly think it is by starting them young. Read to them, let them see you reading, and just enjoy it. Books are fun. There are so many amazing and beautiful stories out there to be read. Books help us learn. They can teach so much. Don't reward reading. If reading becomes associated with money or prizes then it will never become truely enjoyable by that person or child. You gotta love reading for reading sake.
In other news I am planning on a building Max's library birthday party for his first birthday. No toys, just books. I think it will be perfect.


  1. I love the idea for Max's birthday party. We had a "goodnight Moon" themed b day for Boston and the house was FILLED with books all over the floors for kids to play with and read. Have you read the Read aloud handbook? It's great and has great book suggestions in there. It basically says, read to your kid a half hour every day and you will do WONDERS for your child. :) Love it!

  2. In one of my textbooks,I read about this organization that gives away free books to kids starting at 6 mo from doctor's offices.

    And I thought about you and Max. :)