Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Tuesday is often overlooked. Squished between manic Monday and humpday Wednesday, nobody really cares what happens on a Tuesday (unless it's your birthday of course).

Yesterday was a wonderful Tuesday.  Because Tuesday hold no expectations to me, it always turns out special. Good weather blessed us with sunshine and so a trip the park it was. Max finally kept his hat on his head without screeching like a banshee for me to take it off. He watched the older kids play pirate ship and kick a ball and he was in heaven.

Kyle came home earlier than expected which is always a treat and he cooked dinner! Taco Tuesday! Tuesday isn't always Taco Tuesday, but I love when it is.

During dinner we discussed plans for the evening and Kyle suggested renting a movie if there were any good ones out. After I finally managed to shut my gaping mouth I discovered a chick flick that I had been wanting to watch, and Kyle agreed!

Normally we are a action movie type of couple. It usually entertains us both, but chick flicks. Well, Kyle doesn't really like them all to much so I usually end up renting them by myself and watching them with Max. So when I got the a-ok to get the chick flick I also suggested we make an adventure to Fred Meyer, because why the heck not!

Where we live Fred Meyer is a great place for people watching as it contains a very wide assortment of personalities.

At Fred Meyer we:
-looked at shoes (mens,womens,baby)
-found church/work/everyday pants for Kyle on super sale for $17!!!!
-got safety outlet plugs (finally!)
-looked at umbrella strollers but decided that our mega stroller was fine even if it was on the heavy/awkward to carry side

Max loved this adventure because while Dad looked at shoes, I let him crawl around on the green linoleum. He loved hearing his hands and feet make slapping noises and I loved that he managed to entertain everyone in a 30 ft radius.

Tuesday turned out to be a terrific day.

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