Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Want to Remember This

This past year has been an interesting one for Max and I. We have had to learn to adjust as Kyle's internships took us to new places for short amounts of time. Basically we have had to learn to spend A LOT of time together and each day I am amazed at this marvelous boy I get to spend my time with. 

I want to remember how each day all day he asks, "Mama, I want food." Each time I will respond with, "I would love to get something for you, what would you like?" and he responds back, "I want food." It has turned into a comical annoyance as I suggest and guide him into the kitchen to help me figure out what "food" means to him. I still have NO idea. I can suggest toast, eggs, sandwiches, fruit, veggies and he will always return with, "I want food." In fact, at one point Kyle was with him while I was catching up on sleep in the morning and he beckoned to me from the other room for some food and Kyle offered cereal to which he agreed. Then Max beckoned to me again requesting food. Kyle reminded him he was getting cereal and Max responded, "I just want to ask mom, 'I want food.'"

He loves chocolate milk and will hold his small container in the cart of the grocery store until he is settled in the car. The first time he received this treat, I told him he had to wait until it was purchased and so he will pretend to drink it while I do my shopping. But he wont drink it once it is purchased either, only in the car. He tends to attach to certain rules and routines like that.

Out of nowhere one day he told us there was a dragon in his room (we read one book about dragons loving tacos but where he got the idea of fighting dragons is beyond me). Kyle suggested they find swords and fight the dragon. This is now a daily occurrence. We fight dragons everywhere. My favorite was mid flight he fought dragons on the airplane using straws and sent them out the window. He stated matter-of-factly, "I save everyone now."

He loves the outdoors. He most in his element when we are playing outside and I am letting him explore with space. He climbs hills, throws rocks, turns sticks into swords, and does it all on repeat. He never gets bored of it. He loves when we tell him we are going on a hike and will often request to walk most of it on his own. The other day we found the side of a large rock hollowed out just big enough for him to fit in. It became his cave and we stayed there for an hour, just him going in an out and finding rocks and sticks to call his own and put inside this special place.

He spits. He spits when he is angry, excited, obstinate, or feeling goofy. He knows not to spit inside but that doesn't stop him when I see that twinkle of mischief in his eye and the smirk on his face. We are working on it and he knows how to use a rag to clean up quite well now.

He generally loves to help and participate and learn the rules cleaning and keeping things tidy. He will put away his clothes and take dirty ones to the dirty laundry pile. He does not love helping to make the bed. He would much rather jump on the bed and crawl under the blankets.

He has two pair of shoes, his slip-on shoes (crocs) and his fast running shoes (sneakers). He loves his crocs because he can put them on by himself and he loves his sneakers because he can demonstrate how fast he can run, every time.

He can't keep a secret, at least he can't keep a secret from me. While visiting my brothers, my brother Robert decided to try to sneak him more jellybeans after he had received his last three. My brother whispered to him (without my knowledge), "Don't tell your mom I gave you more jellybeans. This is going to be a secret." Immediately Max calls out to me excitedly, "MOM! I got more jellybeans!" 

We play school together sometimes using a school bus toy and figures. He will add a lego motorcycle ninja to the group and it has turned into a legitimate learning time for Max. This is the only time where he will sing songs with me. So I try to do it often. We sing, count, read, practice our ABC's and draw pictures. All under the guise that it is school for the wooden figurines. 

He is incredibly inquisitive asking me how things work and explaining it back to me, making sure he has it right. He will also explain it to friends and family, testing out the knowledge his mother gave him, making sure it is correct. Along with that, he often narrates to me what he is doing asking me if I think it is a good idea, "Mom. That a good idea?" "Yes Max, that sounds like a great idea." "No, it's not a great idea. It's a good idea."

He will not join in a conversation unless he is 100% comfortable. If someone in the store or even someone he is familiar with tries to ask him a question or engage him in a conversation and he isn't up to it, he blows a raspberry or his tongue at them. People mainly laugh, but I completely understand. He is a unique mix of shy and stubborn. 

He is a joy to be around. His determination and precision are admirable and his sense of humor is adorable. He  can aggravate me and fill me with laughter all under 5 minutes.

He gives the best hugs and kisses and the smile on his face at the end of his day as he snuggles his stuffed blue dog lets me know that he is filled with love and light. It makes me love motherhood and express gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the special joy  and perspective this child brings.


  1. This makes me think of a song, Remember This, which I've been listening to a lot (and writing my own post about). Here's the link!

    1. That's the song I had stuck in my head while writing this! It's a great one :)

  2. Hi, my name is Sarah Flake. I got the link to your blog from Tami Romero's blog. I love reading about your family and how you have struggled to find hope in your third pregnancy after the loss of your second baby. I lost my first baby at 37 weeks just this past August. He was perfect and beautiful--my little angel. My husband and I are expecting our second baby now--he is due October 2. Thank you for sharing your memories, personal feelings, fears, and hopes. It helps me to read from someone who has gone through a similar event as mine. I have a blog going, too -

    I pray for you and am hoping right along with you that you'll be able to take your third baby home.

    p.s. I think your little boy is the cutest.

    1. I am so sorry you have had to go through this awfulness as well. It breaks my heart each time knowing someone else understands because they have been there. I am glad that you have found what I wrote helpful and I hope that this next pregnancy for you is filled with light and joy and learning.

      p.s. I think Max is the cutest too :)