Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Quarter....

Well my status as an college undergraduate will soon be at an the end of March. As a senior I received the privilege of getting to register for my last classes far earlier than the meager freshmen. However, I usually know what I want to take or at least have something I needed to take... which has guided my schedule. This quarter I didn't even wake up at the opening time of 6 am (which I have never fully understood in the first place). I lazily decided the night before that I would register for the history of the holocaust (I love this subject), Dance 102 (I took dance this summer and loved it so I figured lets keep going), and the Hebrew Bible (This was recommended to me and I figured it would help out with my gospel understanding).

Well after a month of having this schedule I looked at it and realized that it would only allow me to work two days a week. The past two quarters I have been averaging 3 days a week (15 hours). This has been perfect. Enough money to save up in the bank and enough freedom for studying and social events.

But because my new schedule only allowed 2 days, I would have had to sacrifice my friday or saturday. I refused. Instead I decided to try to find some other classes that would open up my schedule more.

Really I should have thought of this before I registered and then I would have been able to take some really neat classes before the nasty little freshman got in. Now I would have to pick up the scraps of the freshman.

I finally found something that worked.

I refused to let go of my history of the holocaust and sadly cried when I dropped dance....This left me taking intro to political theory (I figured it would be useful for life) and social deviance (it was the ONLY class that worked).

Today, I researched who my new teachers would be on (I love this website)

My social deviance teacher had reviews such as:

Needless to say, I was freaked out. I scrambled to find a different class. Anything but this teacher. I mean the reviews were AWFUL and then I remembered my roommate took him and she HATED him.

Guess what I am taking now?
Oceanography 102-Changing Oceans
I was desperate and its online which means its probably way easy and less time commitment. TAKE THAT SUCKERS!


  1. Ooooh was the social deviance teacher Weis? I HATED him. So awful. Such a pompous, egotistical jerk.

  2. Yep, after reading about him I remember that he taught murder and you absolutely hate him. haha.