Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Tis the Season

I love this time of the year. There is so much to be grateful for, to find hope in. I love that Christmas draws you near to your family. It requires family time, something I increasingly love. Before the Christmas season approached I asked Kyle what traditions he would want for Christmas. He wanted to make sure it was a spiritual experience, especially for our future children. That we wouldn't get caught up in the commercialization. I had a few requests...things that I loved as a child.
1. Ice Skating... My family is a huge hockey family. In fact I figure skated competitively as a child. Usually my family will go dozens of times (minus my mother who would help tie our skates and watch from the sideline). Fortunately while in Yakima over Thanksgiving weekend, it was my little sisters birthday. She decided to go skating with her friends, so of course Kyle and I grabbed the opportunity for a free skating session.

2. Getting a REAL Christmas tree. Kyle grew up with a fake one and I told him that I could not possibly go without that pine smell. So while in Yakima I grabbed all of the ornaments I loved growing up that my mother was willing to give away and then Friday, Kyle and I shopped at goodwill for additional decorations. Ultimately we totally scored. I think goodwill is a fabulous place to get ornaments because they are .99 CENTS!
The tree strapped onto our car.

The tree and me.

Our tree stand from the 60s that we found at Goodwill for $3!

When we bought the tree stand Kyle took it out of the box to ensure all parts were there. Well he left the screws that hold the tree in place at Goodwill. This is him after he had to go back to Goodwill (the next day) and get them.

We got these sweet beads in a bag, unfortunately they were tangled to the max. This is how Kyle undoes them.

Decorating the tree.

This is my favorite. Latter-Day Saints will understand. It's the beehive which is kind of a symbol of the church.

Kyle's favorite ornament we found at is pretty sweet.

This is what is on top of our tree. I made it in 3rd grade out of wet paper towels...

This is my favorite childhood ornament. I'm not sure why exactly...but probably because its sparkly.

Our finished product!


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