Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flash Back!

Can you find Gina in all the pictures? Some should be easy because I am the only one in them...
For some reason I love looking at people's childhood photos. How they morphed into who they are ya know...

Did you enjoy my brother's mullets? That was in like 1996, I have no idea why they kept the mullet alive for so long. 

Did you check out my uber-akward phase? I used to bleach my hair, had braces, and was in general a really awkward child.

I personally love the one of me in my pink frilly bikini. I mean seriously....check out the gut!


It is Saturday. Glorious Saturday. The Harry Potter Exhibit is in Seattle and Kyle and I are planning on going.


I'm pretty stoked. 

Would it be too much to dress as Hermione? Yes? Darn.

1 comment:

  1. Not too much to go as Hermione. It would however be too much if you chopped your hair off got glasses, drew in a lightening scar and went as Harry Potter. PS- let me know how it goes, Byron and I wanted to go.