Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh Dear...

I am afraid I have lost a bit of what I call oomph.

I would like to say that my life has been so completely busy that I haven't had time to write....but most of the time I just surf the web and stalk all you fine folks.

What is up with that by the way?

Seriously? When did we get so obsessed with other peoples' lives.

As I have stated before. There is a serious need to find happiness in one's own life. To see all the great blessings and stop complaining.

Kyle and I have decided to eliminate some things in our life lately. It came to us separately and we realized the necessity of it actually happening.

I was in the temple. Thinking about what I was missing. I felt like I wasn't progressing in the way I wanted. Then I had the thought as clear as day, "Gina, you aren't doing everything I have asked." I realized that I had continued to ignore an impression that had come to me for a couple of weeks. In institute classes, in church meetings, in scripture study, prayer, or just relaxing. I needed to drastically alter my media intake.

Right after conference was a big eye opener and I tried to keep the commandment I had learned. But I slipped and fell backwards.

It's for real this time, especially since I have the support from my husband.

I bet you are wondering what it is?

Media intake.

I just can't stand what is on tv anymore. It's far too much and I kept letting certain shows slide because I liked them. Nope. Not anymore. If I don't feel comfortable watching it around a small child it's not for me.

There is just so much negative imagery.

Things are much better.

In fact Kyle and I went to see Megamind for a date this friday. HILARIOUS! It was so good and I didn't have to think twice about, "should I be watching this....?"

My spirit is full and my heart is happy.

I suggest you try to eliminate those negative influences as well. Feel the difference.


  1. oh my goodness g!!! we are so on the right page. i just barely read your blog and i just blogged about what negative influence i just got rid of for good. you really are my best friend. i miss you. and love you.

  2. Gina! You are spot on! I have been thinking about the same thing since conference too! I don't watch too much tv, but the stuff i do see isn't really appropriate. Thanks for being such an example to me!