Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is this for real?

Life has been dreamy lately.

Dreamy in the sense that all the stuff you desperately imagine happening, dream, and hope about are actually reality.

Lo and behold. I have made friends.

I feel like a dork but in all honestly I love having people I feel like I can call, who are on the same page in life that I am, and who aren't a bajillion miles away.

I have many wonderful friends who have kept me sane and giggly for the past couple of years. But as Kyle and I entered into marriage domain....things got a little stickier.

How do you develop friends when you are trying to figure out marriage.... Sometimes it can feel like you are courting a couple to see if the dynamics will work. We had some successes, some losses.

We moved into a new ward hopeful for an abundance of couples our age.

Now I don't want to sound crazy for being twenty-two years old and crying about not having any friends to my poor husband and wishing that I just had someone I could call....but I might just be a little crazy.

Either way last weekend I found myself completely enveloped in the joy that comes when connecting with new people in that "goodness. we totally get each other and I love this" sort of way.

Conversations usually have key phrases such as, "I KNOW!" "REALLY?!" and laughing.

You see when people are saying, "I know" to each other they have realized a level of agreement. They see eye to eye. That is a good thing. "Really," implies the wonder of hearing new and exciting things from someone new and wanting to hear more.

Laughing is self-explanatory.

Last weekend was wonderful. We went out to dinner with some great friends, sat next to Felix Hernandez who plays for the Mariners without knowing it (He was out to Red Robin with his family, how sweet). The next day we embarked on the journey that is Turkey Bowl. It's a flag football tournament that our church in the Seattle area holds at Husky Stadium. It's kinda big thing. It was the first year I really enjoyed it. (I have never actually played, just watched)

I enjoyed it because of the company.

Also the fact that I didn't gorge on 4 hot dogs like past years. That definitely mad things better.

Oh and my husband's team placed fourth. Which was pretty sweet.

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  1. I spent our first year of marriage SO lonely because, even though we were living where I had grown up, none of my friends were in the same life place that I was. We had no one to hang out with and I felt it acutely. I know exactly how you were feeling! I was THRILLED when a girl in the ward found my blog and that opened all kinds of doors!