Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make Up--Made Under

I am feeling a bit bleh about makeup lately.

My makeup routine involves moisturizer, mascara, and blush. I put on chap stick through the day.

I am not really feeling it anymore. But I don't want to have a huge production either.

My philosophy on makeup has been to be as natural as possible. I learned how to apply makeup solely by myself and sometimes from tips receive by those who were selling the makeup.

My mother taught me this: Don't buy cheap makeup. You want quality products on your face.

So I buy my nice mascaras (changes every month from smashbox, tarte, estee lauder, diorshow, bobbi brown, the list goes on...), I have had the same blush for about 2 years now (Benefit Dallas Cowgirl or something like that), I have some nice eyeshadows which are FAR too old according to all makeup expiration facts (I don't wear eyeshadow often so they last a LONG time).

So here is my problem. I feel wierd when I wear eyeliner. I put it on for REALLY special occasions, a fancy dinner, church, wedding, etc. But I don't necessarily feel comfortable putting it on. I feel like it is too heavy and never looks right.

Also, by the end of the day I feel like my makeup is completely gone. My blush wears off quickly and my mascara might smudge.

I feel like I need someone to teach me how to do makeup. How to apply eyeliner. What colors look good. What's a quick routine that looks GREAT!

Does anyone else have this problem? Or solutions?

Does anyone want to take me in and tutor me on makeup basics and tricks.

I am feeling crazy lost right now in this department and I am SO over it.
See? I need help. Maybe in more ways than makeup....


  1. I love this..

    I've fallen in love with make up again, hope it helps!

  2. I've been wearing a lot less makeup as I get older too. Too much trouble.

    One of their vlogs is a "5 minute face." Kind of helped me decided what I should bother with on a daily basis and what I can save for special occasions.

  3. I loved this... come to Utah and I will share with you everything I know.

    Also, my best resource in the last few years has been Carmen on "What Not to Wear." She is a wiz with the everyday face. Just tune in for the last 15 minutes of any show.