Monday, February 13, 2012

Hot Pink Pants

What are the style rules for being able to wear hot pink pants? I mean when is the cut off age? Surely there must be one. Right?

Well that thought alone convinced me to hop on the colored denim band wagon. I hopped on at Value Village where they had quite a large selection of vintage and modern colored denim (hello high waisted tapered pastel pink pants!). I went with a non vintage selection which is incredibly bubble gum pink.

Each time I wear these pants I have to muster up the courage. I mean they are quite loud....but in all reality aren't I loud. At least I am when I am around other adults. Our home is actually quiet when it's me and Max. Unless I am trying to get him to laugh. Then I am loud again.

I really do suggest getting a pair of hot pink pants. They are incredibly spunky yet entirely feminine. I love wearing them with a white top and navy sweater. Or my chambray shirt from Target.

What else does one wear with hot pink pants? Suggestions?

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