Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teeth and Hair

Max is now 7 months. It's really unfair actually the way these babies grow up. I mean one minute they fit in the cradle of your arm and then next they are quickly crawling over to the movies and pulling them all out one by one (after of course taking a nibble on a select few).

He is army crawling like a champ and up on his knees rocking trying to figure out knee-hand coordination...a tough thing I would think. Oh, then he does some mountain climbers for good measure. On top of him trying to get into everything he finally has teeth. Two to be exact.

His two bottom teeth decided to pop out at the same time one day. He was hardly fussy, just wanted some cold applesauce. Then today after a friend commented on his hair I realized....HE HAS MORE HAIR!

When you are around your baby it is hard to see the slight changes and then suddenly I realized he is getting more hair, it's filling out. I am not sure how I feel about it since there isn't much you can do with a little boy's hair except peak it into a faux hawk which I do on occasion when I'm feeling a bit crazy but mostly I like his side part which he will forever have because of an unfortunate (or possibly fortunate...)cowlick right by his right temple.

So my baby is growing up and I had a good sigh over it and went to play hearts on the computer while Papa gave him a bath and got him ready for bed. When I came in for scripture reading and prayer his whole face lit up with sheer joy/excitement/happiness/supreme utter bliss. Oh it was the best face, one that likely will never be caught on camera but the face said, "THERE YOU ARE FAVORITE MAMA OF MINE! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU AND NOW YOU ARE HERE AND OH JOY I CAN HAVE SOME MILK!!!"

I love this little babe of mine. I love that he still cuddles me and sometimes gets so excited he bends into the crook of my neck. I love that he will still fall asleep on me, his breaths getting heavier by the second. I love our 5am feedings, pulling him out of his crib and into my arms, as he feeds we both relax. Sometimes I doze and sometimes I cherish the moments he will still let me stroke his face and kiss his velvet rosy cheeks. I hold his hand and kiss his chubby fingers.

I even fluff his hair.

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