Sunday, October 7, 2012

From Scratch

I feel so edified and full this weekend. It was our Church's semi-annual General Conference where we hear wonderful messages from inspired leaders. I can't help but love General Conference with a fiery passion, it reminds me of my journey in joining the church. Six years ago I was invited to go by someone I had just met, it made a big impact in my life and I am grateful for it.

Before this weekend began we were having lunch with friends who are also members and I asked them if they were headed to their parent's for the weekend. They responded, "yes," and I quickly shot back, "OF COURSE YOU ARE!" in a semi-spiteful manner. This took them aback a bit and I tried to cover my tracks as best as possible saying something like, "oh, well you always go home for conference....I just figured as much."

But that wasn't completely honest. The truth is I often have a hard time with those who grew up within the church and have strong families and traditions to rely on. As a convert, I don't have the option to go home to watch conference for the weekend and the obvious joy others have from doing so is sometimes a point of jealously for me.

I was feeling somewhat bitter about it over the weekend and Kyle could tell, but he usually knows that I will figure it out on my own. Well it didn't take long for the spirit that General Conference brings to help me understand and sort out my feelings.

While others may have great family recipes to draw from for coming together for General Conference, or helping to teach their kids reverence or about the birth and sacrifice of our savior, I am largely starting from scratch.

I am creating my own recipe. I have the same ingredients as everyone else, but I also have the opportunity to figure out quantities and order for myself.

Recipes and from scratch often produce the same outcome, they are just different ways of getting there. Some recipes involve boxed batches that stand the test of time and sometimes recipes don't always work out perfectly either. Sometimes scratch tastes better and sometimes it can be a huge mess but you learn a lot in the process.

Either way, I know that my Father in Heaven has a plan for me and it is not by accident that I am living the life I am. I am grateful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and for wonderful messages that lift my heart and help me to see the joy that my life holds, though it might be different from others.

And to end this post on an even better note, some pictures of my precious boy, who is gaining curly hair slowly but surely.

If you want to check out General Conference click here.

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