Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm sorry to have to do this...

I don't know if you read as many blogs as I do, but basically the blogging world is swallowed up in pictures of pumpkins and pumpkin patches. We too went to the pumpkin patch...BUT! There's a but! We also went apple picking. Doesn't that make this that much more exciting and diverse.


Well then you must endure yet another shiny, happy family post, but at least these people are attractive. HA!

In all honesty it was a blast doing this, Max enjoyed it far more than expected. He was all..."DUDE THERE ARE APPLES EVERYWHERE!" Then he would proceed to eat practically everyone he saw. He had a lot of apples that day and filled his fiber quota for the week.

 Kyle is thinking, will those apples taste good?

  I love putting my head through small places! This place rocks!

 You've probably had an apple, but have you had a dirt covered apple? No? Well you should try one. Delicious.
 I am so glad you took me to this orange chair store. These are all my size!

Behold the glory of a dirty child! 

Sometimes it can be hard to think of wholesome family activities besides going to the park or for a bike ride but I am grateful for when the seasons change and bring a whole new slew of ideas and traditions waiting to be formed. Kyle and I kept remarking at the end of the day how wonderful it was to wander around as a family, no pressures besides attempting a decent self-portrait of the three of us.

In conclusion:
Hooray for fall!
Sorry you had to stare at more photos of pumpkins.


  1. Love this post! I miss you and love you :)

  2. ADORABLE pics! Never apologize for posting pics of that sweet baby boy - he is so LUSH!!!!! The yellow button up shirt? LOVE IT!