Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have mixed feelings about Halloween. My inner drama nerd LOVES dressing up and I love candy but I never was particularly fond of walking around and knocking on people's doors for it.

This year I was at a loss of what to dress Max up as (because really this show is all about him) and then I found this sweet suit at Value Village for $6. Initially I bought it because the outfit was too good to pass up. Then I realized I didn't want to put a whole lot of effort into making him a costume (we were thinking pirate for awhile) and so we just kinda decided on this. So we all dressed up at as a Blast From the Past. However, on the way to our church Trunk-or-Treat I had an idea. We could be the Romneys! So we told everyone Max was Mitt and we were....whatever his parent's names are....Marion? and.....whatever. You get the idea.

So Happy Halloween to all you Halloween lovers. Here is to hoping the wind doesn't blow too strong, the rain fall too hard and that neighbors will be generous with their fun sized goodies.

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