Monday, October 15, 2012


I woke up today with a case of seriousness. The sky was cloudy and dismal and all those heavy thoughts were ready to jump into my brain as soon as a I reached an adequate level of consciousness to realize they even existed.

They are serious thoughts about all sorts of things, like the coming election, my wifely duties, my friendship duties, my convert duties and so forth. They have been building up and I keep getting reminders of more and more of them. So I turn to my good friend the internet to drown out all the chaos because boy does it get loud in my head.

So eventually I had to feed Max breakfast (why did this child wake up at 5am today and decide to stay awake I will NEVER know!) and the cupboard was kinda empty so it was the rest of some cereal, a banana, and a corn muffin. He chattered away at me about important things like the fact that he wants something besides corn muffins! I nodded along like I understood him.

But boy those serious thoughts would not kick the bucket. Not that they should but I kinda wished they would. So then we went to the gym so Max would have some other child to babble with who would actually understand him for a change and it was just turning out to be a somber day.

Then by noon when Max was sleeping I had had enough! How was I going to battle the severity of the seriousness? I brainstormed some rather extreme ideas like dressing up like a clown and walking around the grocery store or eating a cupcake. Light, fluffy things was my plan. But I worried for Max and that CPS might get called if I was dressed as a clown with a baby. So that a was a no go.

I took some goofy pictures on my phone which I will spare you because they are far too goofy for anyone's good.

Then I decided that I would discuss all this seriousness with Kyle and boy it turned out to be a pretty serious talk.

Who knew I had become so serious lately.

There is just so much to think about and do and accomplish and I feel as if I have to prove to the world that I am "grown-up" enough to have a child, whatever that means. It is basically nonsense I have come to realize.

So how do you battle the seriousness? What do you do to keep life light and fluffy and downright silly?

Oh...I guess I will show you that ridiculous picture so that if you are having a case of seriousness you can be released from its grasp.

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