Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby #2 Wishlist

Preparing for Baby #2 has been interesting. Not only am I reflecting on what I did/didn't need with Max, I am also taking into account the fact that we will be living a very transient lifestyle. I have to be able to travel light, comfortable and easily and with two kids that is hard even if you are settled down. 

I also learned that investing in quality pieces is crucial. I am all about a good deal and I thrift everything if possible, but some things cannot be thrifted and so my expensive taste comes out loud and clear. 

1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag. This bag is wipe-able  comes with straps to wear as a backpack, has a built in changing pad, plenty of room and is pretty darn cute. I know quite a few mommies who sing it's praises and have used it for multiple children. A backpack diaper bag will be crucial for managing two little ones, I am going to need as many free hands as I can get!

2.Ergo Carrier. We have a baby Bjorn and I have tried out an ergo and the difference is quite distinct. Most people consider double strollers with Baby #2 but because of our adventure year, we have no space for a double stroller. My plan is bring the umbrella stroller for Max and carry the new bundle. The Ergo is comfortable, lasts, is easily moved and comes recommended from many mamas.

3.BumGenius Cloth Diapers. We did cloth with Max and have loved it. The gross factor is quickly overcome and they have saved us a TON of money. We have mostly used the Elemental style on Max but have since tried the 4.0 and fell in love even more! We just need more to fill our stash. I am not positive we will be able to use cloth wherever we go because I have no idea what our living situation is next year and whether or not we will even have a washer/dryer but my plan is to plan on using them and if I have to, I will adapt.

4.Medela Electric Breastpump. This is the most expensive and the least needed item on my wishlist. I plan to exclusively breastfeed again but it is nice to have a pump in case I want to go out on a date or go exercise or just have the freedom to know that I can go. I had a manual pump with Max and although it did the job, it was so incredibly annoying to use and took forever. An electric pump just makes things a little easier and quicker. It's one of those I-could-live-without-but-would-be-nice-to-have items.

5.Chicco Lullaby LX Playard. Max has slept in a playard since he was born. We were living with my mother and there just wasn't space for a full-sized crib. Then we moved and our crib was from when I was a baby and was hefty and we would have had to buy a mattress and the playard just seemed easier at the time. So we stuck with it and Max still sleeps in it. Our plan is to repeat this process with Baby #2 especially since we will be moving multiple times over the year and doing so with mainly our car (at least that is the plan). 

So there is my wishlist for Baby #2. I call it a wishlist because it is exactly that, I don't expect any of it but boy oh boy would it be lovely to have a wish come true.


  1. I just got this diaper bag for my birthday and it works well. Doesn't have the built-in changing pad like a PPB, but also doesn't come with a $180 price tag: Or check out craigslist. My search for "pickle bottom" on Seattle's CL came up with a whole bunch, four of which were just posted today. One listed for $30.

    And look into this if you're really interested in the Medela: I'm not sure how well it all works out since I haven't tried it yet, but apparently with the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to provide support for breastfeeding mothers. Including helping to pay for breast pumps. Some might only cover manual ones, but I've read articles about women getting the PISA or similar Aveda model.

    Good luck!

  2. I have actually been checking out craigslist and consignment shops. Spokane just has less people selling nice things. I do like the timi and leslie bags, I hadn't heard of that brand so thank you for the heads up. They are super cute!

    Also I just heard about the insurance help with breastpumps and will DEFINITELY look into it. Thanks Liska.