Friday, May 17, 2013

So this got on here late.  But it needs to be here!
This is going to be a unique post.  It is not written by Gidget, but by Kyle unbeknownst to her at this very point in time that I am posting it. It is an ode to her amazing mothering-ness.  I thought it fitting to post it here, since this is a record of experiences from her point of view, I want to show how they may be affecting the ones she loves so fully on this special day. Although all of it cannot be truly captured by the low-tech blog media or my lack of expressive talent, I will try because she is truly an inspiration and most importantly the love of my life.
Mother’s Day is not contained within the limits of your own Mom, Grandma, Step-Mom, or whoever, but extends to the Moms, (sisters, aunts, motherships, baby-mamas, etc…)  you see around you, and of course - more seriously; to women in general, because we can admire and praise the inherent qualities of nurture, love, and beauty that they have whatever their official Mom-status may be. 

In light of all of this, I hope that people everywhere (especially us manly men) use our actions and words to show our gratitude, appreciation, and love for the wonderful women in our lives. And do so consistently too!  To go a step further I wanted to take some liberties and provide some words for those individuals, or at least one individual that I know, who have or will have this respect and love I speak of, but can’t currently express it. 

In other words let’s suspend some disbelief and say that this is a post:

To: Mom

From: Max


                Dear Mama,

I first off want to thank you for carrying me in your belly for almost 10 months.  That was legit!  Oh, and thanks for eating well too, cause I loved me those nutrients.  But the thanks you deserve begins well before that even, I need to thank you for doing a few things before I was even a complete thought.  Those have played a huge role in making you the best mom ever too.


Thank you for learning, seeking out good things, and listening to your conscience.  Thank you for all of the good, better, and best choices you made over the years to be an amazing person and someone I could look up to as an example of knowledge, love, and spirituality.


Thank you actually liking this guy…

…and for loving and marrying him too.  Turns out he’s pretty alright.


Thanks for being a beautiful bride in white.

Now my opinion is extra biased on the next subject, but I think it is awesome that you chose to pray, listen heavenward, and really consider starting a family even at a young age. That takes faith and courage these days! 

Thank you for graduating from UW with honors, thoughtfully considering, and then un-pursuing a sure spot in a Master’s degree program, all to have me instead. I feel worth it every day by the way you live true to that choice, and by the way that you love me unreservedly.

Next I should thank you for welcoming me into the world perfectly.  I feel nothing short of the best gift you ever got.

Thank you for leading the way. 

 You show me the magic and fun in everyday life!

And you have great hair!
Just look at you…

Need I say more?

You make me feel like this every day:

you teach me all kinds of things all of the time. 

How to be gentle and to love

You teach me about the world and the many new and exciting things around me.

You go into uncomfortable places and circumstances to expand my mind.

you protect me like a mama bear too.

Thank you for all of those.
Thank you for showing me ice-cream too.  That’s definitely at the top of the list of favorites! 

Thanks for going above and beyond too.  What do I mean by that?  Well, you will go the extra mile to make a day exciting for me, and for others too!  You organize events, spend time setting up play-dates, music-groups, story-times, and whatever else you name it.  You let me explore and enjoy many things.

That was way fun. Thanks for letting me be messy.

Thanks for cleaning me up too.  Over and over again. 

Even if I do this.

Thanks for putting up with me when it’s hard to.

Thank you for letting me crash in the most comfortable and secure arms in the world.

You even sit out of fun things for you to comfort me. Don’t think I didn’t notice that the broom-ball game of the century was on the line, but you sat out for most of it to keep me warm and happy… and then body-checked some fools!


It doesn’t go unnoticed.  It doesn’t go unfelt.  I love you.


Thanks for also letting me push sometimes.  I don't know why, but it's way fun.  Especially if it's really inconvenient for you : )


You make me feel big and independent. But like your little boy at the same time.


Thanks for making me toast, showing me how to do new things, and always lifting me to see so much.

Oh, and to top it off… you do it all pregnant too!


Thanks for bringing me a baby brother or sister soon too.  Maybe on my birthday?
Thanks for playing games with me!


Well, I can’t say it all, but just know, especially on Mother’s Day, that I love you more than anything.  Know that every little thing you do, though not completely noticed by society, or by acquaintances, friends, or even by family like me sometimes… You make the REAL difference in the world. My world. And in turn many other little worlds by proximity to your gentle power.  It may be hard, frequently without visible reward, and straight up exhausting…


But I hope you know it’s worth it all. You are simply the best.

Thank you.

I love you,



And I will second everything he said as if I said it myself : )

I love you Gina.

Happy Mother’s Day!*


* = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This is amazing! Love you guys and the love you share within your family and the world!