Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Labor can be amazing.

When I was pregnant with Max I really wanted to attempt a natural birth. I ended up getting an epidural during transition phase (which I know now is when most women who want a natural birth end up getting an epidural) and it isn't that I regret that decision but I still believe my body is capable of a completely natural birth.

I wanted to take Bradley classes but they were not offered where we were living at the time with Max and so this time around I was really excited to have the opportunity to learn more about pregnancy, labor, birth, and how to build my relationship with my husband so that he can be my main support. We meet once a week for twelve weeks and thanks to awesome friends who babysit Max for us we haven't missed a class. I absolutely love it.

Yesterday our teacher showed us this amazing video, she has shown us a lot of inspiring videos but this one gave me the good shivers. It's not graphic at all. Just a woman singing BEAUTIFULLY through contractions. Her husband plays the guitar and clearly she sings a lot but what a beautiful way to experience labor. It reminds me that labor does not have to be fraught with fear of pain but can be filled with beautiful, harmonious (in both senses of the word) moments.

This video inspired me to really look into music that will help my experience. I love singing and I especially love music with inspiring messages and beautiful harmonies that I can sing along to. I have compiled a short list of artists and groups but I am curious if anyone can help think of other suggestions. Think along the lines of Colbie Caillat, India. Arie, Francesca Battistelli, Hanson (yes, that Hanson), and Mindy Gledhill.


  1. I love it--I was also inspired by that video. She is using the program that I used for birthing (Hypnobabies), and she showed me that I could do it. There was a piece that kept repeating in my head when I was in labor, it's called "Remember This" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPtH2He0khg). Part of why I chose to have a natural birth with my second is because I wanted to "remember" it, and not be hazy from the drugs.

    Good for you, for going after your goals and educating yourself. However it works out, it will be a beautiful miracle! Good luck! :)

  2. OH! Have you heard of the weepies? I also love the 'tranquility' feeling I get with their music, try "World Spins Madly On" first...I love 'em!

  3. I have heard that "remember this" song, thank you for reminding of it! So beautiful!

  4. This video inspired me when I wanted to go natural as well! I didn't with Boston, but I did with Isaac and It was an amazing experience! I had a really peaceful labor and I was laughing and talking all up until the end of transition and pushing (which was only about 30 minutes) I had music playing through both births, so that each of my babies had a "birth song". The station I love right now that plays lots of happy, peaceful music is the Ingrid Michelson pandora station. You might find some gems on there. Mumford and Sons are a favorite of mine right now. I also love Joni Mitchell. :) You can definitely do it girl and I think it will be a really great experience for ya! The minute Isaac was out I said, "I could do this again" because it was so much easier and more peaceful for me than my first labor. Good luck!