Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Pregnant Mind is a Fickle Thing

So after I posted my wishlist I got a lot of great feedback from friends on better options. This was welcome because I love hearing about new/cheaper items. But, it also made me realize how fickle I can be about choices sometimes.

Normally (i.e. when I am not pregnant) I have a pretty difficult time making decisions. In college I remember my friend making fun of me for constantly calling my mom to ask her opinion about rather trivial purchases. But I was treading new waters and although my mom couldn't visually see the colors on the boxes of hair dye, it comforted me to talk it over with her and get another opinion.

When I am pregnant however, I feel like it is even worse though. Just ask my husband. Every night I lay down and go over the pros and cons of particular items. I am sure I am driving him nuts, and really I drive myself nuts with it sometimes. But I can't stop. I care about quality, durability and style and I want to make sure something is going to last and work well for me.

Long story short I am revising my wishlist and sharing it with whoever reads this just because these are two products that one friend (thank you Elisabeth!) shared with me and I keep going over and over and I just can't let go of.

First: Lotus Travel Crib

My friend has this and told me she absolutely loved it. It's design is genius (the zipper!) and I love that the mat goes straight on the ground. This was my biggest concern regarding the Chicco LX playard because with our previous playyard the fact that the mattress was always suspended caused it to take a bent effect after awhile which gives me major mommy guilt. This is nice and flat and I love that you don't have to suffer with the dreaded lowering-them-and-they-wake-up fear. Also it is made without  PVC, Phthalates, Lead or PBE/PBDE Flame Retardants which in my mind have no use in baby products. Plus it is not ridiculously expensive like the Bjorn travel crib that looks very similar and all the reviews rave of impeccable customer service. 

2. The Diaper Bag.

Over the weekend I took a little trip to Nordstrom to check out the Petunia Boxy Glazed Backpack bag. I thought I liked it after hearing reviews from moms and knowing it was a quality investment piece but boy oh boy, I really didn't like it in person. It was beautiful really but I felt like I was forcing myself to like a dressed up box. Seriously. When they call it boxy, it is REALLY boxy. It is like you have a box strapped to your back or side (depending on which straps you are using). I also realized as pretty as the patterns are, I tend to like my bags to be a little less flowery. It's a diaper bag and I am sure it functions wonderfully but I realized that I really don't like traditional diaper bags. It's me, not them. Then I saw my friend's beautiful bag and I asked her where she got it: Baggu

These bags are canvas (i.e. durable and washable) and beautifully made. I especially love the Sailor Stripe pattern and Poppy color. Now I am just trying to decide on the Duck Bag (crossbody) or the Backpack. They are both extremely affordable and spacious and I know I will be getting one or the other but man this fickle mind of mine has to mull it over a lot more. Because a diaper bag is a crucial thing you know.....


So what do you think? Backpack or Duck Bag? Sailor Stripe or Poppy?


  1. I like the Poppy!

  2. I love baggu bags!! my commuter biking bag is baggu!. they are always pretty well priced too! :)