Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Saturday Outing

We all feel asleep during Daniel's nap on Saturday and when I woke up I was charged! I shot up out of bed and all the busyness and disconnectedness of the week, all my frustrations trying to get Max to listen and Daniel to sleep piled up and I marched into the living room.

"Get up!" I declared to Kyle. "We are going outside! We are getting out of this house and doing SOMETHING!"

We had spent the day doing chores, mowing the lawn, vacuuming, laundry, catching up on overlooked areas of the week. It was necessary but frustrating. 

It is easy to get trapped in your own surroundings; to become so content with the daily to do list that you never explore or connect with anything beyond the four walls of your home. It is extra work but getting outside for me ALWAYS pays off. It restores and brings a peace that is so deeply healing.

So out we went!

I don't want to waste this life constantly worried with those to do lists. They are necessary and important but there is wiggle room. Wrinkled clothes, dirty dishes in the sink, a floor needing to be swept; these are far less important than rocks to be skipped, water-skimmers to be caught, and memories to be made and cherished doing it together. I want my ordinary days to be filled with these moments.

Grateful for the escape of the outdoors and the perspective it provides.

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