Friday, September 11, 2015



I am so excited. This weekend I get to see some of my closest friends from college. The last time we were all together was before I was even married!!! Luckily two of us live in the same town which so happens to be about smack dab in between the other two. So grateful to get to stay up late catching up and spending some time with them.

We are finishing up family birthdays (with my mother's being today! Happy Birthday Mom!) and settling into a routine of keeping house and preschool and pursuing goals and whatnot. It feels all very grown-up and I didn't expect it to be so hard to be away from Max during the day. He is going to a full week half-day preschool and although I relish in some uninterrupted time to write and plan and play with Daniel, I find myself missing him terribly. He is doing amazing though and is so excited to tell me about the new lessons he is learning and all the special rules. Max LOVES rules and structure and little things like "No, no Mom. You have to push your chair in BEFORE you put your lesson tray away." Doesn't matter that he NEVER pushes in his chair at home....

Also, on a more reverent note, I want to take a minute to talk about the anniversary of Sept. 11th. May peace and comfort be with all those who were directly affected that day. It had an impact upon us all, and I think often about how my worldview changed that day. I had never questioned the safety of living in this country and of hardship hitting my personal life. But Sept. 11th was the first chip at a greater understanding of our global community and my place in it. To know that ultimately there are things we cannot control but we can choose to be good, we can choose to be kind, and we can in the face of trial and adversity still choose love.

Photos from this week:

Thought process facial expressions.

He is going for the books. They were promptly, one by one, chucked off the side table and onto the floor. 

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