Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baby Danny Turns One!

This boy! What an absolute joy he is to our family. Daniel is a very independent child. When he was a baby he would be content to just lay there on a blanket while I read or cleaned or cooked. At first I thought, he must just be a docile baby, but as he gained access to mobility, I quickly realized he was just happy doing his own thing. He explores and wanders without a care in the world. This also means he is not a very snuggly baby, but he is improving on that each day.

He is happiest outside. If he does not get adequate outside time, he gets really cranky. 

He adores and is terrified by Max. Max isn't exactly soft with Daniel. He likes to steamroll Daniel when I am not looking or fight him with his sword. Daniel always wants to do what Max is doing and Max never wants to include Daniel unless they are wrestling or playing chase (Daniel is a very speedy crawler).

Daniel is tough. He figured out that when Max is near it is best to lay low to the ground. It is pretty hilarious and a little bit sad to watch your baby plank completely parallel to the ground waiting for a roll to be over. His cries of help are rare though and he seems to just be happy that Max is including him. 

Daniel loves baths and kicks his legs making great big waves and splashes until his eyes are red. He never wants to get out. 

Daniel is a happy boy. He likes simple baby things like mirrors and pulling books off of shelves. He loves finding sticks and eating bananas. 

Here is a look back on the first year in the life of Danny boy!

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