Friday, September 18, 2015


Ever since I was little I cannot remember taking my time reading a book. I was always swept into stories and excitedly tore through the pages, grasping for the finish. I am still obsessed with that transportation and the way it makes me see the world with fresh eyes.

It however does not go well with my current lifestyle. 

As a child and teenager I could easily read all day without interruption and fairly late into the night with little consequence. During the summer I turned into a nocturnal creature appreciative of the quiet and coolness that came with the night. I loved most assigned reading throughout high school and college (there are always exceptions of course) and even while a nanny in Seattle I immersed myself during nap times and happily finished once I got home. 

But now, my binge reading does not work very well. To carve out time I ignore and distract and hide away trying to eek out another chapter. The house gets messier and everyone is crabbier. 

Except for me of course. I am contentedly reading away; lost in another world for a few moments before I am inevitably forced to snap back to reality. 

A reality that I LOVE. 

It's funny, because as much as I love diving into the fairy tales and epic sagas, I like the story I am writing with my life best.

Now if I can just figure out how to read like a normal person....any tips on how to read without ignoring the world?

Snapshots from this week:


 Baby blues.


  1. Same problem over here. I've practically stopped reading altogether because that is easier for me :(

    1. I have been limiting myself to a book a month. Which makes me noy feel so horrendous...

  2. I've been listening to audiobooks....then I can multitask while I listen. My mundane chores fly by this way!

    1. Smart. I do that with podcasts, but I should try it with books. I get picky with who is reading it will have to give me some good recommendations.