Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 Things I Love...

10. The sun lighting up a room instead of lightbulbs
9. A good book you can't put down even if its 3 a.m.
8. Finding something you absolutely love on sale
7. Getting something other than a bill or bank statement in the mail
6. Finishing a sweat-breaking workout
5. When something you want lines up perfectly in your life and you get it
4. Gelato
3. When someone compliments my hair
2. When my husband and I have enlightening conversations about our life and each other
1. Knowing something amazing in your life is about to happen.....


  1. gelato for me would a little higher on the list perhaps. My record was 27 scoops in a single day! hey,I was in rome, what can I say?!

  2. I did 5 in a day when I studied in Rome and just about DIED.