Saturday, March 13, 2010

Curly Hair

So I have issues with my hair.
I love it.
I hate it.

Sometimes I am proud of my curls and sometimes I wish they would go silky straight.

Curls limit what I can do. I can't go to short because I will have triangle head. If I go to long, its difficult to manage.

I love my curls right after they dry. They are perfect. Minimal frizz. Shiny. Bouncy. Love them.

Then after about 3o minutes they die right before my eyes. I'll take a trip to the bathroom and notice that they are no longer full of life but are frizzy and dull.

URG! I cannot express how frustrating my hair can be at times.

Recently I have discovere Ouidad. It's a salon in NY that specializes in curly hair. They have developed a special way to cut curly hair and a line of products that boosts curly awesomeness.

I have oogled over the website for about a year wishing that I had a million dollars to fly to NY or even to purchase their products. They now sell it at Sephora but I am still a little afraid. Of what I am not sure.

I waste so much money on hair products. Hoping and praying that they will work only to find out they SUCK! sorry. got a little angry there.

But seriously this past month I have purchased about $20 worth of product only to be dissatisfied. Hmmmm.

I think I am gonna have to try this Ouidad stuff. I just want to love my hair and be happy with it.

I hope it works. Hopefully there will be a post to follow....

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