Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am done with school. Super anti-clamatic. I milked it too early.

Kyle I deserve a a cupcake because I will soon be done with school. Kyle I deserve to go out to dinner because I am almost done with school. Kyle...Kyle...and finally when I really was done. He was done. He asked what I wanted, and made me realize I didn't NEED it and had been milking already too much.


Currently I am watching Dancing with the Stars. I have never watched this show in my life. But I heard Buzz Aldrin was on it. As in the astronaut. I mean seriously can it get better than an old man trying to keep up. I'm pretty sure he will be able to. I mean he walked on the moon. NASA people have had to go through all those intensive tests, I guarantee he still has some kick in him. Plus you have to be a genius to go to space. So in my mind he is already schooling EVERYONE. I hope I am right about him.

On another note, I am in Yakima. My sister Caroline just smashed her finger in a car door and it swelled a bunch. Kyle and I plan to go camping this week. Probably tomorrow. I am excited and TOTALLY freaked out. I mean its sunny but in Yakima the mornings get COLD. Like 20 degrees cold. CRAP. I hate the cold and all I will have is a stupid tent. I don't want to be a pansy though. Pray for me will you? Pray that my toes don't fall off and a hungry bear doesn't eat me.

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  1. I hope a bear doesn't eat you but it might be funny if your toes fell off. No wait, it wouldn't. Good luck! And congrats about being done!