Friday, July 15, 2011

Memories of Pregnancy

I remember thinking that I would not be one of those women who will do anything to get baby to come. My motto was, "Baby knows" and to an extent I still agree and attempt to abide by this motto. But I didn't realize how extremely frustrating it is to be nine months pregnant and to watch your due date pass you by.

What is even more annoying is people who say, "You look like you are going to pop" (It's the word "pop" that really ruffles my feathers)... or when they say, "You are still pregnant?" Like I didn't realize that the baby had not come out yet...

So I feel like I am playing a mind game with this baby...or is it with my body? Who knows but I'm sick of thinking about it.

Instead I thought I would go over some of my more memorable moments of being pregnant.

My early days of pregnancy were void of morning sickness puking. I do not throw up easily, mostly I just lay and moan. So the first couple of months involved me laying on our couch after work and just not wanting to move. In fact if my stomach started to get too upset I would belch. That's right, I burped the vomit away. When you have to throw up acid is building up in your stomach, so there is some gas involved. So I would burp and it would relieve that acidic pressure. TMI? Well if that was bad for you, I warn you not to read further.

I did throw up. Three isolated sets. The first was Christmas Eve. I had just taken my prenatal vitamins. Previously I had gotten the gummy versions but I couldn't find them on my shopping trip to Safeway (really Safeway?) so I just bought the One-A-Day brand that came with two bottles. These ones were different because they contained iron. Me and iron don't like each other apparently and there is a reason they tell you to eat something before you take those pills. Iron needs something to grab onto and I took the pill right before bed and apparently my stomach was empty. So the iron wanted to come back up....Merry Christmas.

The second time was just at home, I tried eating something with it but apparently it wasn't substantial enough. I was really starting to hate the iron in these pills.

The third time was the most embarrasing moment of my pregnancy, by far. I had decided that taking my pills in the morning after breakfast was working best. Well I was late for work one morning (pregnancy fatigue made me like my sleep a little too much) and decided I would pick up some McD's since it was right by the apartment my family stayed at. Every morning I craved a Egg McMuffin so I was glad for an excuse to pick on up. My plan was pick up sandwhich, eat half of sandwhich in parking lot, take pill, drive the last 2 blocks to work and eat rest of sandwhich in the car.

I went along with my plan, but as I finished my sandwich and stepped out of the car in the parking garage my stomach made that familiar naseous gurgle. I pressed the button for the elevator and tried to suppress the feeling that I was going to see my Egg McMuffin again. The elevator rose and so did my stomach. The vomit came up but it wasn't so much that I couldn't swallow it back down. Relief settled over for a moment as the doors opened to the 8th floor. But it was coming back, swallowing your vomit does not work... as I rushed down the hallway the urge increased in greater form and I vomited with no receptacle in sight but my very own hand.

A hand is a surprisingly good vomit receptacle turns out.

I prayed my boss had already left for work (her husband would be home but still asleep), but no, she was on the other side of the door and viewed me in all my glory and I tried to mumble "sorry" with my hand pressed to my mouth and my mouth still pretty full of the nasty stuff. She motioned me to the bathroom and brought me water.

It was not my finest moment and it makes me laugh.

The other one I can think of that is worthy enough to note happened this past Thursday. When my mom was pregnant with me the nurses at the hospital told her to buy a DQ blizzard and walk up and down the terraces at the local park. So the hubby and I were near a DQ and decided some aerobic walking would do me some good (ok really I just wanted an excuse to get a blizzard and if that comes with hiking up and down a hill that is fine with me).

I had flip flops because it is impossible to try to put on another type of shoe. Flip flops are not good for walking up and down the terraces so I braved it in my bare feet. Now I knew there were bees around and I was doing my best to dodge them, but on my third time down while dodging one I apparently stepped right onto another. It only got my toe but man it sucked. I wobbled back up the hill and into the car laughing at the hilarity of it all.

God has a sense of humor my friends.

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