Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Six Years Ago on the 4th of July

My hubby and I solidified our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. So I happen to love the fourth of July because it's kinda special and it is the epitome of summer.

Oh summer you beckon us with your sunshine and popsicles during the cold of the winter. Then we complain about it. Ok maybe you just complain if you are 9 days from your due date and are terribly uncomfortable and just want to meet the little person that is growing inside of you.

My theory was that if the baby came on the 4th it would be a girl. Only a girl would be that sentimental (stereotype much?). So my guess is a boy although that has been my guess all along....

Right. Back to the 4th of July.

Hubby had to work and so I enjoyed the day as much as possible without him. Thankfully he got off in time to make it to the BBQ with us. To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this BBQ. But it delivered.

Bananagrams anyone? FYI that is NOT my husbands beer. That is his sparkly tangerine juice however.

Here is my sparkly mango juice. These are super yummy.

It delivered because of an epic water balloon fight.
So at first I was just photographer of the glory of this battle, but those teens were getting tricky and my mom needed some help tying balloons. So I joined forces with the blue team. Well as most water balloon fights go.....soon hoses and buckets were used because they got you WAY more wet. Since I had charge of the hose I figured I could use that and my pregnancy status to ward off attacks.....It worked for awhile.

Teens have no mercy. Pretty soon I was sprinting away from buckets of water (they spared hitting me with balloons...for the most part). Everyone was surprised with how fast I could run.....Fight or flight man. I am all about flight.

So we got pretty wet. Then we ate dessert soaking in the last few rays of the summer sun.

Our night ended with us driving as fast as we could DURING the fireworks show to get a better view. It all worked out and it was a happy day.

Now the wait for baby continues...

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