Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Foods

At Max's 4 month appointment we recieved the green light to start solids. Max has been eyeing us as we eat and mimicking us chewing and I knew he just wanted to try it out. So we tried rice cereal.

It was received with little excitement. He didn't hate it, didn't love it. He seemed like he knew we were feeding him crap. He was wondering where is T-bone steak was.

For Thanksgiving Max got to try sweet potatoes. Not yams but actually sweet potatoes (apparently there really isn't much difference). He LOVED them. He smiled and batted his eyes at his wonderful family for giving him delicious tasting morsels.

Since then he has tried banana, carrot, sweet potato (yam style), and apple. It is safe to say he likes them all, especially banana. He doesn't get solids everday just when I feel like making it for him or taking the time and effort to help him learn how to move food to the back of his mouth.

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