Saturday, December 31, 2011

To the Max

Max pretty much makes my day everyday. He is an incredibly cheerful little guy.

Over the past week he has decided to start sitting up. He can hold his position for a good minute or so until he topples over to the side. Oh and he got a Sofie the giraffe from Great Grandma Maxwell and it pretty much is his absolute favorite. It just might replace his pacifier.

He is not asleep in this picture. He is just snuggling his momma. I absolutely love this. Nothing beats a baby hug and Max has plently to dole out for me. Kyle and I have both decided he is definitely a momma's boy. If he is playing with papa which he loves to do, and I enter the room. Game over Kyle. He just cries in my direction until I come get him. Unless Papa is letting him play the piano.

He LOVES music. Nothing makes him happier or calms him down more. He loves feeling the vibrations of the guitar strings, whacking the piano, or just listening to country with his mama. Yes, I love country music and so does Max.

He giggles and squawks a lot. Especially when you say, "Get that corn outa my face!" A phrase from the movie Nacho Libre which my little sister discovered sends him into an instasmile.

Advice to new mothers, use Berts Bees Baby Wash and Lotion. It is the bomb. I love the way Max smells after his bath. Like someone dipped him in honey. I will sit him on my lap and just sniff him until I get my fix.

Not the most attractive picture of me, but I loved this moment. It was the day after Christmas and we had had a pretty rough night (babies hate changes in night environments turns out and it will KILL their sleep schedule). I woke up and my MIL was taking care of him, of course when he saw me he wanted me and so we sat on the couch. For like an hour just chillin and talking with family. He just kept his body against mine and his hand on my leg to make sure I wasn't going anywhere.

Motherhood is a funny thing. I never know how to respond when people ask me how I like being a mother. Suddenly everything feels so cliche. But I love the little man who has taken over my heart. I thank God every night as we say family prayer for sending us such an angel who brings so much joy to not only us but our family and friends.

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  1. Hey! We have those diapers ;-) He is getting so big already!