Saturday, December 31, 2011

See ya later 2011

A haiku for 2011

You brought me a babe
through a rollercoaster year
I am one happy girl.

When I was younger I thought I had it made. I remember lying bed at night be so happy about having a warm home, food, and a wonderful mother. As I grew older I started to realize life can throw some pretty hard trials your way. I remember thinking life is all ebb and flow and that at some point there will be a massive ebb.

I still worry about this to be honest. I feel like I have been immensly blessed and that Heavenly Father is just prepping me for something really hard. It makes me nervous and gives me a bit of anxiety. But I am so grateful for where I am in life. That I am able to enjoy the moments I have now with my husband and baby. I smile at the end of the day again and realize I have it really good.

So I welcome 2012 with it's strict budget that doesn't let me eat out. Because you don't need food from a restaurant to make you happy.

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