Saturday, April 14, 2012

A beautiful sight

Every spring with the early rising sun and the smell of defrosting soil, I am reminded of Italy. Spending two months in Italy for school was an incredible blessing.

The other day I was walking to the store with Max in the stroller and I was able to close my eyes and for a moment I was back there, in Rome. It was the distant sound of cars on the and the feel of stone beneath my feet.

I visualized the reflection of light of the unevenly placed cobblestones and the smell of bread wafting from seemingly every crevice. Rome is an earthy city. Ancient ruins are interjected between medieval and modern structures breaking up the threat of the future with constant reminders of the past. A past built entirely by earth.

I miss the food, the fact that you could get to die for pesto and salami and make the most delicious sandwhich and then eat it on the balcony, overlooking passerbys below.

I am not a city girl, but the city of Rome captured my soul.

Every spring with the reminder of my days spent abroad I get the travel bug. My body, mind and soul yearn for new culture, new experiences, new sights.

Besides not having means to travel it would be very difficult with a baby.

So I sit here at home and watch my son as he pull himself up into standing position and then claps in accomplishment of this great feat. It always brings a smile on my face and I am reminded...

I don't have to travel the world to see the world with new eyes.

Watching a child grow and seeing how they experience the world for the first time is a beautiful sight and teaches you just as a trip to China could.

To me, it's more beautiful than the fountains of Tivoli or the ceiling in St. Peter's Basilica.

Although watching him look at the ceiling in St. Peter's Basilica would be pretty cool too.

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  1. I seriously love reading your blog. You have such amazing thoughts and you always help me to realize that life is about the most important things in life and not to over-complicate it. Thank you for the amazing thoughts today!