Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some call it luck, I call it God.

Today is my husband's birthday. He has been on this earth for 25 years and I have been blessed to know him for seven of those years. Not too shabby eh?

I feel pretty lucky to have Kyle in my life and I reflect upon how we ended up together almost daily.

You see there were so many perfect coincidences that brought us together, both before and after his mission. A web of moments that perfectly intertwined our hearts to the point where we sealed our hearts together for time and all eternity.

You see I didn't have much of a role model for healthy marriage relationships. I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces of knowledge from my friend's parents but in large part I went into love pretty blind...and deaf.

But Heavenly Father sent a smiley, goofy, perfectly charming boy to me when I was 16 to teach me all about love.

He caught me early and gave me a good one so that I wouldn't be scarred by too many failed relationships. Because Kyle was my first love, it allowed for me to go into our relationship with few inhibitions.

I had only been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for about 2.5 years before I married Kyle. I have since learned that the youth are taught pretty young to aim high for their marriage. To find a worthy priesthood holder who loves you and helps you to grow to become a better person. Now men in the church are not perfect and there are some who are pretty good about pretending to be worthy or pretending to love you fully, I didn't fully comprehend this until after I was married and I realized I REALLY got lucky that I aimed high without really searching.

Without having to search and weed out the unwanted and go through heartbreak, I was blessed to have Kyle magically show up in my life. A worthy, wonderful, loving, helpful priesthood holder.

I know that Heavenly Father led us together. I don't know why...perhaps just to produce wonderfully handsome children?

Everyday I thank Heavenly Father for sending Kyle into my life. He is my comedian, my encyclopedia, my calculator, my journal, my cheerleader, my warm fuzzy blanket, and he has my whole heart. Always and forever.

Happy Birthday Suckafish.

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  1. You guys are amazing together! I really hope you end up in AZ, at least for a little while!!