Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was way more than I expected it would be. Holidays weren't a big deal when Kyle was a kid so he has a hard time understanding why I want to keep certain traditions alive and celebrated. I wasn't really feeling up to trying to convince him it's fun to dye eggs and such, but then our good--no GREAT!-- friends Tyler and Becca suggest it. Thank goodness!

You see, I grew up with traditions with each holiday and every Easter my mom would boil eggs and we would dye away. It wasn't so much that dying was actually super crazy fun but the general coming togetherness and doing a wholesome activity together that I loved.
I love traditions. They are like crack to me. I wish I was more clever in creating them on my own but mainly I just like to steal other people's traditions. Becca's family had a tradition growing up that after dying the eggs and then doing an egg hunt (when they were little) they would have a competitive egg toss. The goal is to throw your egg as far as you can. You just keep trying to beat another person's throw until you give up or your egg breaks which amazingly, hard boiled eggs have a really hard time breaking.

So we made a walk to the park behind our apartment.

 It's all about form and power and unfortunately I possess neither of those attributes.  I quickly gave up trying to compete with the boys who of course used their physical therapy knowledge of static stretching whatsit knowledge to improve their throws.

 It was a wonderful day. I love what holidays do, they bring people together.  It is so wonderful to be able to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior with those we care about. Sunday was a wonderful day as well full of lots of love for this handsome stud.
So what Easter traditions do you celebrate? I must admit that beyond easter eggs, baskets (which we didn't do for a number of reasons), and a ham feast we don't have much. But I did make a orange-chiffon cake from scratch and got the idea from a youth speaker at church to watch the sunrise Easter morning. I thought the sunrise idea was so beautifully symbolic.
That's what the resurrection is really, it's the knowledge that the sun will rise. That our bodies will rise beyond death. What a beautiful time of the year to celebrate newness of life.

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