Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have a problem speaking.

The problem is, it is all in my brain.

When I speak I tend to be VERY the point where people interrupt me, stop listening, or think that I am annoying.


I have been talking to the boy about this. Mainly because he has to deal with the brunt of my repetition.

Turns out when I speak it sounds as if I think that everyone around me is stupid.

Again sorry.

It is actually the complete opposite.

I do not trust my own thoughts. When I speak I feel as if I am the stupid one and so I try to explain as accurately as possible what I am thinking. Usually it ends up that I say the same thing over and over.

Oy vey.

So I am trying to fix this problem in my head. The problem when my thoughts get all jumbled and I tell a story but I forget one detail so I tell the story again with the detail in it that time.

How do you fix the way you speak?

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  1. Gina, I have the SAME problem and have been battling it for the last year or so. I relate with everything you have said and experienced in this entry. Oy vey indeed! I find that not letting my insecurity take over is key. My speech is the least ineffective when I am unsure of myself. Good luck to you as you try to get it figured out. And remember: these things can take time!