Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I love....about FALL!

Me enjoying a caramel apple cider circa 2007

I was inspired by my post yesterday and you might find some repeat loves but honestly. I keep realizing how much I LOVE fall. Even if it's wet and mucky here in Seattle.

1.all things pumpkin. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin straight up.
2. caramel apple cider at Starbucks. It's my hot drink. Double chocolate chip creme frappuchino is my cold drink.
3. not sweating in my jeans. I am a jeans girl. I love a good pair of jeans. Unfortunately summer weather makes them sticky and uncomfortable. I love when fall comes around and they keep me the perfect temperature.
4. shaving my legs is no longer a necessity. Gross? Probably. But honestly I hate shaving. It seems so silly since my hair is blonde anyway. I shave before church every sunday since I show my legs at church but the rest of the week is unnecessary.
5.costumes. I love figuring out who I will be for Halloween. It's more fun when you have a boy who could care less and you can dress up! Ok so I wish he was a little more enthusiastic but still.
6. rosy cheeks. I love the tan summer look but I crave when I can put a little rosy blush on my cheeks and get that cold winter look. It's even better when it happens naturally!
7.squash! I love when squash is regularly on our plate in the fall. It's so delicious.
8.Pumpkin Patches! I get to go with Isabella and the nanny group and am SO excited! Farm animals and fun games galore! It reminds me of my days working on the farm.
9. my favorite shows start up again! Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and 30 Rock are amazing! Unfortunately ABC decided to cancel the second season of Flashforward which was the BEST show ever. UGH!
10. Snuggling up with my hubby! Summer makes snuggling slightly uncomfortable but the chilly weather keeps us close. I just love that feeling!

Ideas for Halloween costumes?
-Alice in Wonderland and the madhatter? Rabbit?
-ww2 nurse and soldier?
-wendy and peter pan?

Opinions? Ideas? What do you think?


  1. George and I were totally thinking of doing Alice and the Mad Hatter! But I love all of your ideas!

  2. You would make an excellent Wendy.

  3. I agree with almost all of your list. Also, LOVE the picture! That was a fun night... getting matching mugs and going to the hockey game.