Thursday, September 2, 2010

The boot dilemma

This weekend I will be buying a pair of boots. On the list of things I wanted a DSLR camera was No. 1 and boots were No. 2. My mom usually takes me shopping for my birthday so I figured it would be a good time to get some boots.

Now there are many many many types of boots. Booties, over-the-knee, high-heeled, the list goes on.

I want a pair of boots that hit right below the knee, 1in heel, brown, and classic. Basically a riding boot. I don't want a bunch of buckles or whatever and I want to pull them on. No zipper. I have a pair of zipper boots and I HATE that stinkin' zipper.

So the dilemma?

Boots are expensive. Well some are. While reading a favorite blog of mine I saw a pair of boots that fits most of my desires.
It's only $40!!!!! Say what? That is crazy talk. The problems? Well its a shoe from target.... they don't tend to be the highest quality. Supposedly it is real leather, very thin real leather. I just don't think it will last for as long as I want it to. I mean I want a boot that goes the distance and is comfortable. I don't think target tends to deliver on that in the shoe section very much.... Sorry target.

Ok so where else can I get boots? DSW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this store. Although it is COMPLETELY overwhelming going inside. I mean I like shoes like the rest of them but there are so many. You have to know what you want when you go in that store. I want boots. This is what I found that I love.

These are three boots I would probably wear. The last one is suede which is a BAD idea for Seattle but really I will only be in Seattle until March.... The first one is a little too...slouchy. I want more structure. the middle one is super cute but not exactly high enough. I would definitely wear it though. Prices? $80, $140, and $60 dollars respectively. I like DSW because you get the quality without the sticker shock. One hundred and forty dollars isn't so bad compared to what boots can cost. Seriously. Nordstroms has my IDEAL boots but they have UNREALISTIC prices.

Sigh.....I absolutely love these boots. I detest the price....$317. Gulp. Seriously. Why? Okay I get that it's quality leather, classic, and its a fancy brand. I want these. They have everything I want. Except a decent price. Another good boot I found was this:

This one is $187 dollars. Not as bad at 300. I'm not sold on the buckles but they are alright...

Is this boring you? I'm sorry if you didn't want to deliberate about boots but this is what I am thinking about today.

So what's your opinion? Go cheap? Moderate? Or just get exactly what I want? Let me know please.

Oh.. and technically it isn't going to be my money... but I also don't know if my mother will want to shell out $300 dollars. Plus I want to get more than a pair of boots.....

My life is hard...

That was a joke. I recognize that deciding on boots is a very trivial decision.

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