Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strange Happenings and Pursuits in Passion

Lately I have had some peculiar sleeping occurences. These are all from Kyle's memory as I have no clue whether they actually happened.

Our bed is placed against a wall and Kyle sleeps next to the wall. One night he went to get some water and climbed over me. Apparently I began clapping. Strange? Definitely.

On Sunday we were both exhausted and Kyle decided to take a nap. I came down about 30 min later. He was on my side of the bed and I was so tired I wanted him to move. So I told him to move. He thought I was being ridiculous and told me to just climb over him. I did and then stated sarcastically "what a good husband you are." Tired Gina is not super nice...

Then 30 minutes later. I sit up. Look at Kyle and strongly state "STOP SLEEPING!" throw his hands off the bed. Kyle also being tired got mad and left to finish his nap on the couch.

What the heck is going on with my sleeping patterns? I have no recollection of the clapping or forcing Kyle to "stop sleeping."

Oh boy...

On another note I have been doing what I said I would do. I am attempting to find my passion. I took a sewing class and made a cute bag. It's easy when someone is there to guide you along the way....

Then I attempted to make my own dress.

I am nuts.

So far the pieces are cut out.

I am scared to sew it.

Maybe I should have taken smaller baby steps.

I feel like I just jumped off a cliff.

Maybe someday you will see this dress.

For now I am off to Utah! Maybe I will blog maybe not....

p.s. my mom bought the nice nordstrom dream boots. they are so so so lovely and very perfect!

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