Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Riding in Cars with Boys

I know that is the title of the awful Drew Barrymore movie where she plays a teenage mother in the 70s....

Take the phrase literally, and subtract the plurality of the statement.

I like riding in cars with Kyle. Kyle is a crazy driver and most of the time I am on the edge of my seat waiting for us to crash so it's kinda like being on a roller coaster.

But that isn't why I like riding with him. Our drive from our apartment to school is about 15 minutes long and we take the same route always. It has become a routine to see particular businesses, houses, buses, and even people along our way. We also listen to the radio jumping songs until we both agree on one, or it makes us laugh the most.

Since Kyle has consistently had an 8:30am class every quarter since we have been married we always will catch 106.1 comedy short by some random comedian which usually makes us laugh hysterically.

Kyle darts around cars and speeds in between the others. Not because we are running late (it happens rarely) but because its habit to want to get to our destination fast.

I love riding in the car with Kyle because he its routine. It's a good routine that I cherish. For the most part it is usually the most amount of time in the day when we can really focus on each other without the distraction of school, work, homework, or church.

I love that the buses are our enemy because they always seem to get in the way. I love that if a car is slow we assume its an old woman. I love the random runners down 15th ave (who really don't know how to run), and the mopey girl we always see when pulling into the institute.

Some may think the commute is obnoxious but I count it as a blessing. A blessing that I look forward to always.

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