Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday can be the best day

I have been getting a little apprehensive about Sunday's being all Heavenly Father promises them to be.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes in keeping the Sabbath Day (Sunday) holy. This means a couple of things:

-Going to Church, taking the sacrament and going to other meetings
-Not going shopping, out to eat, etc.
-Focusing upon Christ and all he has done for us
-Spend time with family
-Try not to do homework, watch tv or movies that don't reflect thoughts towards Christ

Lately after Church I have been conking out for a few hours. Catching up on all the stress built up and such. Sunday napping is a great activity, however its all I have been doing besides visiting teaching on Sundays. This has gotten a little old.

I was talking to Kyle about it and complained about how Sundays are all the same and I am getting bored of it.

So we decided that Sundays will now be our hiking days. We will go to parks, go outside in general and walk and observe all that has been created for us.

Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday! I was so grateful for Kyle's willingness to brighten my spirits even though it was cold and rainy. We drove to Seward Park which is past downtown Seattle and walked into the woods and along the shore. It was beautiful and even though it was raining it was just what I needed to remember all that I CAN do on Sundays.

I am grateful for realizations such as this. Heavenly Father does not want us pent up in our home wallowing in despair for all that we "can't" do. He wants us to take a day to realize all that is behind us, all that is ahead of us, and all that He has done for us.

It's amazing really.

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