Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am in love with......


Goodness they are so tasty and delightful and just perfect with everything. Are you obsessed with tomatoes?

You should be.

Tomatoes are a part of wonderful foods such as

tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and some olive oil and I am in heaven.

They make a GREAT Caprese chicken sandwhich at Red Robin. Try it. You will gobble it up.

Tomatoes with salmon in a lemon-dill-butter sauce over a bed of smashed potatoes. (You can get this at Salty's in West Seattle)

I just ate grilled chicken sandwich with tomatoes, avocado, and dijon mustard. I almost died.

I love that tomatoes are so versatile. You can put them in a salad, a sandwhich, or just eat them like an apple.

When I am able to have a garden on my own. I full plan on having many many many types and varieties of tomatoes.

I just love the things.

Now that you think I am a freak for blogging about tomatoes on a Sunday I will share with you a spiritual highlight of the week.

This week as I was trying to improve and simplify my love (remember focusing on the fundamentals) I fell back in some things but improved greatly in others. That is just how life works.

My tv/internet addiction is hard to break. Initially I had a plan to go fully without. Then it turned into I can watch tv with Kyle. Then I was just watching it by myself like the addict that I am. Hmmm.

Right. The highlight.

Even though I am struggling with my media ways. I woke up every week this morning at 6:30 am and was able to study my scriptures for 20 minutes or more. It was wonderful. I had a notebook by my side and asked some more life questions that the scriptures make me think about. I found such great power in studying the scriptures. I always do. But there is something about setting aside time for it. Not moving time to fit it in. But saying, "This part of my day is for the scriptures. It is for the study and enlarging of my spirit and mind." Also Kyle and I have consistently had family scripture study. It is so wonderful and definitely brings us closer together as we discuss the gospel and the important truths we know.

So I am anyone else trying to simply? To focus on the fundamentals? Or am I just writing to the wind. It's ok if I am. The wind is a pretty good listener.

Ok. Sorry for being odd right happens.

I know that so many blessings will continue to come forth as I continue to follow the counsel of the prophet and apostles. I can't wait to see what those blessings are.


  1. this blog made me vom. tomatoes. blech.

  2. Tomatoes are ok, but I definitely don't love them. I could never eat them in a dish where they're featured prominently, and never ever by themselves like an apple (like Kristin said, vom).

  3. Yeah, I'm not with you on the tomatoes either, but I am trying to simplify and get back to basics. I need to make time for the important things (scripture study, prayer) every day.

  4. I knew Kristin wouldn't like this post. That's ok.
    I totally recommend trying a caprese salad. It's so refreshing and addictive. I love it. Try it.

    Alli, my suggestion for trying to make time for those things is to really plan them in. If you know how long it takes to get ready in the morning. Get up 20-30 minutes earlier. It is so worth it.