Friday, October 8, 2010

Past psychology

On Wednesday, I took a rest day from exercising. It was necessary. Gotta take it slow ya know?

Well yesterday....I had to break the power of pyschology. You see if I exercised on Thursday then I would be ok. But if I took another day off...well then exercising would go down the drain.

Now what would keep me from exercising?

My hair.

I got my hair cut yesterday and my lovely stylist Brooke straightened it for me. When she straightens it, it is so much better than my own attempts. It's softer, straighter, it's just beautiful.

I relish in my hair when it is like this. I try to make it last for at least two days.

Exercising makes you sweaty and it would ruin my hair.

Hello. My name is Gina and I am a girl. A silly girl who loves when her hair is straight and looks like regular straight hair.

So did I exercise?

Yep. After laughing with Kyle over the fact that not exercising over hair would be ridiculous. I put on workout clothes laced up my shoes and grabbed my iPod. Shoot.

iPod dead. My luck right?

Thankfully I have Jillian's 30 Day Shred DVD and it is pretty hard core.

So I pulled back my hair. Wore a headband to keep my hair out of my sweaty nasty face, and I exercised.

Have you ever done anything so silly?


  1. i have done...only the EXACT same thing! i have the same video {and love it} but chose to do it multiple times instead of a gym workout because i didn't want to shower twice in one day...i hate getting ready after taking a shower! :p